Orion has been a leader in facilitating programs for over two decades on the state and local level hunter education. Jim Posewitz and other members of the Orion Board of Directors have given hundreds of presentations and influenced thousands of educators North America. Topics ranging from ethics, the public trust, technology, game farming, and many more have been discussed.

Orion hosted Think Tank I in 2009 and Think Tank II in 2011 and the results have set Orion’s direction for 2015 and beyond. Understanding and modeling the hunter of today and how the hunter educational model will change due to the large demographic shift taking place in our society.

We will be hosting a series of discussions in late 2016 or early 2017 to engage our strategic partners to accomplish this. The new technology platforms that are now available will be the new delivery mechanism and Orion will be able to reach millions, not thousands of potential viewers, listeners, and believers.