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Promoting the message of fair chase and responsible hunting. 

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Protect The Future of Hunting

Improve society's Image of Hunting

I wanted people to know what a great privilege hunting is, and how much work it took to restore America’s broken wildlife system.  By the time I was born, we had cleaned this place out of wildlife. Now we have urban deer, bears in orchards and goose poop on every golf shoe in Montana. That’s no accident. It was a choice people made.

Jim Posewitz - Orion Founder

Welcome to The Hunter’s Institute

Since our founding in 1993, Orion has been focused on the pursuit of two goals that were born out of strategies developed at a 1992 governor’s symposium on hunting:

  • First, we are dedicated to improving the image of hunting with an emphasis on fair chase ethics.

  • Second, we are focused on putting hunters at the forefront of our nation’s conservation ethic.


We call ourselves The Hunter’s Institute because we view it as our mission to be the thought leaders and facilitators in the pursuit and evolution of open and honest discussion, debate, and consensus-building for the benefit of hunting.

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In protecting the future of hunting

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