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  • Orion

Why I hunt.

Hunting is the truest form of participating in the natural world, probably because it is the oldest and most instinctive way of participating. Participation makes me more alive, more accountable and more engaged in the natural world.

I come from a culture, society and family of Hunters. By choosing to hunt, all of the sudden you see the world through a complicated lens and you realize its real. It’s our job to speak up. That means I am committed to conservation and I will make sure it is there for our next generation.

From Jim Posewitz and Beyond Fair Chase:

One of the primary purposes of hunting is to exercise our need to remain a part of the natural world. We all have the desire to participate in the natural process. As hunters we enjoy the rare privilege of participating in the natural process rather than only observing it from a distance. We become, for a time, a predator like the human hunters of our distant origins. We are, however, a minority; and we are to continue, we must do it in a way that is acceptable to the majority

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