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Get Involved

With your help, we know that the Orion mission can be accomplished.

There are many ways to show your support:

1. You can donate online or you can send a donation by mail. Through your financial support, we can continue to spread our message of responsible hunting while engaging our ever-growing audience.

2. You can underwrite your local hunter education program to receive “Beyond Fair Chase” or one of our other publications. Contact us at for details on how to accomplish this in your area.

3. You can host an Orion speaking event. Our talented speaker bureau is available to cover virtually any topic in the hunting subject matter and we are passionate about engaging individuals and organizations.

4. You can encourage like-minded individuals to visit our web site and to sign up as Orion supporters. Help us by promoting Orion to your own network of friend, family, and colleagues they, too, can join in supporting our mission.


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